Other Photoluminescent Safety Applications

Safety Wayguidance Systems

To help guide people to safety, JALITE have developed photoluminescent escape route lighting systems for use in commercial and industrial environments, designed to communicate a clear, unambiguous, continuous means of escape message right through to a place of safety. The JALITE Safety Wayguidance Systems accommodates all the appropriate signing for the location and identification of fire fighting and safety equipment to meet the requirements under Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

Photoluminescent  Safety Wayguidance System - P. 1

Photoluminescent safety Wayguidance System - P. 2


Research based approach

JALITE has conducted research in the field of low location lighting, escape path route marking and safety way guidance systems since its origins in Switzerland some 30 years ago. Original work to pioneer the replacement of traditional electrical emergency lighting by photoluminescent systems was carried out by Dr Gerry Webber in the UK at the Building Research Establishment. This work has been built on progressively and further studies have been done recently by the National Research Council in Canada under the leadership of Dr Guylene Proulx.



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